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Need a house painting company in Cape Town and surrounding areas? Let us connect you to a local house painting company that will provide you with excellent service. It’s as easy as filling in the “get a free quote” form and within a short while a painting company will contact you to arrange a time to come and give you a free quote.

We will connect you to at least 2 Tradesmen in your area so that you can make a competitive decision on which painting service to use. The teams on our network list have been vetted and interviewed for all general painting jobs. Searching for reliable workmanship in Cape Town South Africa can be challenging. Don’t settle for 2nd best!

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Get your house painting jobs done around the house today with a free quote. Why not get a free quote and start redecorating up your house or office today? Services are offered in and around Cape Town, Gardens, Sea Point, and Cape Town City Bowl. It’s critical to know which product will function best on the specific substrate before making a decision. Because of the poor bonding, even with sufficient preparation and primer, a high-quality paint will not survive long over a porous substrate. In this scenario, it is preferable to use a less expensive coating and, if necessary, redecorate the area more frequently.

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We pride ourselves in connecting people with the most qualified house painting contractor in Cape Town. We do our best to offer local competitive prices to our clients. Expert Worx has taken the time to interview and check references for each contractor that we connect people to. We believe in quality workmanship. Specific rooms such as the kitchen, where food is cooked, may require extra consideration when it comes to interior painting. In the sections closest to the stove, there is frequently a greasy buildup. Before repainting, these areas should be well cleaned with a little sugar soap. Bathroom ceiling regions where wetness causes bleach fungus growth should be cleansed thoroughly.

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House Painters in Cape Town

Need some painting for your house completed at your house? Our clients have enjoyed the best prices and quality workmanship from the companies we connect you with. Get your free estimate now and start completing all the tasks you need to finish. Roof paint is often of excellent quality, as it is designed to endure the harsh South African sun and weather conditions. It can also be used for other applications, such as painting steel fences and balustrades, where it can outperform a more expensive alkyd enamel coating. Roof paint can also be used to paint properly prepared and primed wood because it is durable and has excellent water resistance.

Interior Painting

Want to change the colour of your lounge or bedroom? 

Get a House Painting contractor in Cape Town to do it for you. 

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Need to fix those cracks and repaint your house? 

No problem, get a painting company to give you a free quote. 

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Doors needing a fresh coat of paint again?

Ask a painter to prep and paint them properly.

Roof Painting

Have some IBR or roof tiles that need some sealing?

Your Cape Town painting company can assist.

Floor Painting

Want to paint a old floor?

All in a days work for a painting tradesman.

Wood Sealing

Want to reseal your garden furniture or fence?

Let a house painting team do it for you in Cape Town.

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Quick Facts

The City Bowl district of Cape Town is the oldest urban area in the Western Cape, with a rich cultural heritage. It is located on the shores of Table Bay. It was established as a supply port for Dutch ships travelling to East Africa, India, and the Far East by the Dutch East India Company (VOC). The VOC Cape Colony, founded by Jan van Riebeeck on April 6, 1652, was the first permanent European settlement in South Africa. The Cape Colony’s commercial and cultural hub, Cape Town, surpassed its intended function as the first European foothold at the Castle of Good Hope. Cape Town was the largest metropolis in southern Africa until the Witwatersrand Gold Rush and the establishment of Johannesburg.

House-Painting Tips

Seasons unleash havoc on a residence’s outside. The exterior of your home is the first impression you offer the outside world and a good paint job is critical to your residence’s look.

Pro Painters offer suggestions on painting the outside of your residence as well as ideas to make your job much easier.

Assess the condition of your house. Try to find bare wood, metal or masonry surfaces. That’s where paint is put on and you need a brand-new layer, or you have other problems such as dampness that an expert painter need to assess for you.

Utilize a cleansing remedy to eliminate dust on siding. Scrub well and also rinse extensively.

If you are painting it, prepare your home well. Some loose paint is apparent, some is tough to discover by just checking out it.

Get the very best paint feasible for the exterior of a home. The best paint will stand up to the elements far better than a less expensive type and also over time may in fact conserve cash. The very same chooses rollers and also brushes.

Make certain to paint in the shade on a brilliant day. Paint in the sunlight can create the paint to dry also quick and sore.

Brush initially, after that roll. Paint the trim last.

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