5 great ideas for displaying artwork in your home

Your home is an extension of who you are and what you love, so why not give it the personality that it deserves? I’m a firm believer in displaying your passions front-and-center: if you love animals, hang up some pet photos; if you like to vacation in Mexico, display a cactus or two. But there’s one way to showcase your personality that’s easy for anyone to do: simply buy (or make) some artwork!

Artwork hat neesd to be hung up by a handyman

You can go big or small with your art – consider buying a canvas from one of your favorite artists on Etsy, or try making your own piece on watercolor paper. Don’t forget about framing either – even a cheap frame can really elevate a piece and integrate it into an entire room.

Here are five ideas for displaying artwork that will make any room feel more personal and cozy:

A gallery wall.

A gallery wall is a collection of artworks hung together in a single, long, horizontal line. The idea behind it is that it creates a focal point in the room and lets you use your artwork to create themes or even moods. You can also use them as conversation pieces.

The key to making an effective gallery wall is balancing the color and vibrancy of each piece with its placement on the wall. A good way to start creating this balance is by using large prints or paintings as anchors, which will help ground all the smaller items you add below them on the wall.

Lead with color.

If you’re looking for a way to bring some excitement and life into your home, use color. Color contrast and harmony can function as great ways to balance a room—you can use bold colors to make a statement of your own or choose a single color that makes all the other pieces stand out.

You can also use color as a means of matching artwork with its surroundings. If you have an art piece that was created by someone whose work is usually in black-and-white, using color in the rest of the room will help it stand out more strongly than it would otherwise (or vice versa).

Go big (or small!).

  • Go big (or small!).

Scale is one of the most important elements to consider when creating a display. It’s the way you can make an impact in your space, whether that means showcasing a huge piece or filling up every inch with smaller pieces. There are benefits to both approaches—a large piece will draw attention and be impactful on its own merits, while multiple small works can create an overall cohesive feeling for your room.

Hang it high or low.

The best way to display artwork is on the wall, but how high or low you place it is up to you. “Hanging art high has a dramatic effect,” says Celine Dion, an interior designer in Los Angeles. “It can be a great way to make a statement in an entryway or dining room.” If your pieces are large and heavy, hanging them higher will also prevent them from falling off the wall.

Artwork that hangs lower than eye level gives off a cozy vibe—it’s perfect for bedrooms and children’s rooms, where the goal is more about creating comfort than making an impact with bold colors and shapes. But if you’re looking for something more dramatic, consider hanging your art higher up on the wall so it draws attention without overwhelming the space around it (a good option for rooms with high ceilings).

Make a statement with mirrors.

Mirrors are great for making a small space feel bigger, but they can also help make an open space feel more intimate. If you have artwork that needs to be seen from all angles, like a painting or photograph, then a mirror is your friend. Mirrors can reflect light and create subtle patterns on the wall that will draw attention to your art but not overpower it.

Mirrors are also great at reflecting features of the room or artwork itself, which may not be immediately noticeable otherwise (like if there’s an interesting pattern in the wallpaper, for example). This can make for an interesting contrast between what’s actually happening in front of us and what we think is happening somewhere else – which makes us look twice at our surroundings!

Your home is your own personal canvas – have fun making it unique!

  • Make it personal
  • Make it unique
  • Make it reflect your personality, interests, values and lifestyle
  • Use artwork to tell stories about your family history or important moments in your life


We hope we’ve given you some ideas for how to spruce up your home with a splash of color in the form of art. From gallery walls to mirrors, there are lots of ways to showcase your personal style and make your space feel unique without breaking the bank. Now that you know where to start, go forth and decorate!

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